Manage Marketing Campaigns Across The Whole Business Cycle

Manage Marketing Campaigns Across the Whole Life-Cycle


Gain from Real Time Visibilty of Customer Information, Activity & Interactions Across the Whole Business Process  




Focus marketing Efforts on Best ProspectsPrioritize Marketing Efforts on Your Best Prospects


Gain Insights on Your Best Prospects by Simply Following the Cycle - 'Campaign-to-Lead-to-Business'  




Nurture Leads & Target Customer GroupsNurture Leads & Targets with Simplified Communication System


Provide Instant Marketing Messages to Your Targeted Customers




Manage & Access Marketing Resources InstantlyManage & Access Marketing Resources Instantly


Easily manage and provide access to marketing  resources - files and folders by user groups. Assign Read, Write or Execute Permissions based on User Roles. Allows you to maintain access to the latest versions to all concerned at all times.






Allocate Marketing Spends based on Real Conversion Data


Use Powerful Analytics to Get Accurate & Timely Data on 'Conversion to Business'.



Create & Track Marketing Campaigns Collaboratively

Create, Edit & Share Marketing Content Collaboratively

Create Sales & Marketing Content by Involving the Whole Group  

Get active participation and involvement of the whole team. Seek team inputs and suggestions without constraints




Tap Into Social Intelligence, Identify OpportunitiesTap Into Social Intelligence, Identify Opportunities


View interactions with the customers to identify opportunities. Gain unique insights from first hand information - instead of information that is "Handed Down"  



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