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Linkflo Lead Management System


Getting Organised with Linkflo is easier than you think. Don't lose business just because you don't have an efficient way of tracking your prospects.Linkflo Lead Management System helps you organize, track and follow through on sales leads resulting in more sales, higher revenue and business growth.


Linkflo Lead Management Solution provides a complete set of capabilities to generate Leads, including Leads generated through Google Adwords, and to manage customer interactions to improve the effectiveness of your selling process. 


•    Automate Google Adwords - Website to Lead Capture
•    Auto Assign Leads based on Workflow
•    Qualify & Convert Leads generated through Google Adwords
•    Update your contact list and remove duplicate leads
•    Re-classify leads that convert into sales, and update all contact information
•    Optimize Based on Conversion Data
•    Stay in touch with prospective customers who have not yet completed a purchase.
•    Send automated, lead-nurturing emails with company news, tips from the industry, new product and   service offerings, or promotions and specials.

Lead Monitoring, Analysis  & Reporting:

  • New Leads Generated
  • New Leads vs. Goals
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Leads Converted to Opportunities
  • Leads to Customer Conversions
  • Leads Not Attended To
  • Lead Acquisition Trend Analysis
  • Campaigns that provide Maximum Business



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Sales Management Benefits

Close Deals FasterClose Deals Faster

Agile, Effective and Flexible Sales Transformation System combines Sales, Marketing & Support Automation.    


Provide Information, Tools & Resources to your team on a Single, Integrated Platform


Provide Instant Access to Contacts, Activities & ResourcesGain From Real Time Visibilty



Gain From Real Time Visibilty of Customer Information, Activity &  Interactions Across the Whole Business Process    





Track & Optimize LeadsTrack & Optimize Lead Conversion Processes, Qualify Leads & Convert


Organize, track and follow through on sales leads resulting in more sales, higher revenue and business growth  


Capture leads from website, auto assign based on pre-determined rules, use workflow & exception reporting to manage effectively



Pro-Actively Manage Hi-Value OpportunitiesProactively Manage Hi-Value Sales Opportunities Across the  Business Cycle


Keep Important Sales Opportunities on Your Business Radar and Track Transaction Progress  


Get live reports of key business opportunities, view all interactions and get involved, if necessary. Keep an eye on the timeliness and quality of responses. Identify areas where expertise is needed



Sales Forecasting & Performance ManagementImprove Sales Forecasting & Performance Management


Access Real Time Performance Data - No More Surprises


Make Sales Forecasting an integral part of the selling process. Have a complete visibility of Sales Forecasts by region, territory and account.


Simplify Communication & Track Sales ExecutionSimplify Communication, Track Execution & Encourage Teamwork


Find Everything You Need at One Place  


Eliminate the need of searching through emails to find what you need. Drive better communications within a selling organization and improve customer support by increasing effective communication and teamwork, both inside and outside your organization. Simply enjoy the simplicity of Inter-Connected Data



Business Analytics - Know Exactly Which Sales Stage Your Customer is inKnow The Exact Sales Stage Of Your Customer


 Access Customers by Sales Stage, Region or Territory  


Guide performance improvements - utilize Business Analytics & Custom Reporting




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