Linkflo enables your Sales, Marketing and Customer Support  teams to collaborate and respond quickly and knowledgably to Customers as well as Prospects. Manage Channel Marketing initiatives and leverage Channel Partnerships with Linkflo.



Linkflo Benefits:



Unify Customer Data to increase Sales and Service Efficiency. Single, up-to-date customer profile shared by everyone. Maintain a perfect overview of customers, distributors, interactions, complaints & performance


Complete set of Sales Force Automation tools and capabilities to help close more deals quickly.  Provide instant access of Contacts, Activities & Resources to your Sales Team. Maximize cross-selling / up-selling opportunities


Knowledge Base. Utilize a searchable knowledge base & enhance your ability to offer tailor made solutions to the clients


Capture High Quality Leads. Integrate with the company website to generate automated business leads and improve response time. No lead goes unmanaged with our specially designed Lead Management Workflo.


Deliver Extraordinary Customer Care. Linkflo provides complete control over sales as well as service related processes.  Helps you improve customer experience and enable faster customer service at the same time. 


Standardize Sales Processes & Reporting.  Measure & improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Compare performances across common metrics for all your locations with standardised reporting


Save administrative costs. Automate multi-department processes and replace time consuming manual tasks.  Simplify Report Generation, Task Management, Delegation, Reminders and Followup.


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